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Birth day ( Syria ,Raqa   1 – 1 – 1982)


Mobile     :  +971551582345

Address   :  UAE–Dubai– Remraam

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A Game Programmer.  since 2005 working experience in the field of game programming. Fluent in Arabic.


3d Virtual training specialist At Dubai Police

Working with multinational team in Developing  Serious Game At Dubai Police. I joined the team after series of serious tests. to know more about section please visit links below.






1/9/2005–1/8/2006 |1/8/2007-1/11/1008

Games Developer At JoyBox Entertainment | Free Zone – Damascus – Syria  | Joybox Company is one of the first companies in the Arabic Region whose concern was Developing Multimedia applications including PC and TV games

  • Joy Box work certification.
  • Participate in design and implement JoyBox engine which is an indoor/outdoor engine with high quality visualization, nature simulation and huge terrain rendering.
  • Writing 3ds max plug-in for JoyBox exporter , including scene– model– material – and skeletal animation information.
  •  Design and implement  GUI  library including complex type such tree view and providing complex property such docking .
  • Design and implement Particles System .
  • Participate in design and implement math library.
  • Participate in Implement the scene manger system.
  • Participate in design and implement skeletal animation. Joy Box Engine Gallery 
  • Participate in  programming , testing , fixing 2D and 3D games for Majd TV Station, most games programmed using torque game engine. Games can be played through phone while you see TV.  IVR system is designed to  receive calls from Saudi Arabia and sent it through internet to TV station in Dubai.  this is a list of joy box games
  • I developed ( flip flop ) a 2d game.
  • I build rally game level ( editor task – not programming )


Bachelor Degree in Information Technology Engineering Artificial Intelligence  Specialist ,University of Aleppo

  • University recoreds.
  • 3D Game Engine Project 2002-2003(C++,DirectX). I participate with 2 friends to build game engine, my task was modeling our faculty using 3ds Max and writing classes to load 3ds file format into our engine.
  • 3D Game Engine Project 2003-2004(C++,DirectX). I participate with 2 friends to build game engine, my tasks were :1- modeling level like counter strike game level (assult), i got textures from hammer editor and used my mind to model the level using 3ds Max. 2- writing custom exporter by max script that support exporting models, textures, and static light map from 3ds Max. 3- developing basic Graphic User Interface that support many types of control.   4- adding effects to engine like lense flare, water shader, terrain shader (textering by masking). 
  • Compiler Design Project 2004-2005(C#).
  • Graduation Project: 3D Robotics Software 2006-2007(C++,DirectX). I build game engine and use it to simulate robotics course and skeletal animation. my tasks were:   1 - writing custom exporter by maya plugin that support exporting models ,textures, bones information, and animation.   2 - build game engine This engine support - Rendering using Direct3d - loading custom file formate exported from maya. - Gui . - Network by soket. - Input by Win32 API. - Basic 3D Math. - Updated version supports sound and physics (rigid and car ) by havok library.  download document of old version  Graduation Project .  download project source code Project.part01   Project.part02      Project.part03        Project.part04



  • Experience with mathematics and fluent  in 3D math.
  • Experience with C++ programming and design knowledge .
  • Experience with testing, debugging and  optimization skills.
  • Experience with Microsoft Win32 API.
  • Experience with Microsoft DirectX API.
  • Experience with Game Engine programming particularly  in : GUI , skeletal animation.
  • Good knowledge with Java, Python, PHP, HTML, XML.
  • Good knowledge with HLSL .
  • Good knowledge with Socket programming.
  • Good knowledge with game physics.
  • Good knowledge with C#, ASP.NET.
  • Good knowledge with Creating simple Website. ( this site)
  • Good knowledge with 3ds Max and writing its plugins.
  • Good knowledge with UML.
  • Familiar with Maya and writing its plugins.
  • Familiar with OpenGL.
  • Familiar with MFC.
  • IDEs: Microsoft Visual Studio.
  • Self-motivated with strong work ethic.
  • Desire to learn from others and improve skills over time.
  • Ability to solve complex problems.